CLG has announced today that it has laid draft secondary legislation (which I've yet to see), due to come into force on 30 May 2013, dealing with several of the proposed permitted development changes which have been promised.

The regulations will say that properties in use for retail, financial services, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, offices, leisure and assembly uses will be able to change to other use classes for a temporary period of up to 2 years. The permitted changes will be to retail, financial services, restaurants and cafes and offices.

It is also reported that 17 local authorities have been granted the exemptions from the new rights to change use from office to residential - the exemptions relate to specific buildings, roads or zones within those authorities' administrative areas. A majority, as expected, are London Boroughs. Others include Stevenage, Ashford, Manchester City, Sevenoaks and Hampshire.

In relation to agricultural buildings, those which are under 500m2 will be able to change to other business uses, with prior approval being required for those between 150m2 and 500m2.

The existing permitted development right to change from business/ general industrial to storage and distribution (and from that use to business use) will be extended to units up to 500m2 (from 235m2).

Offices, hotels and units in assembly or leisure use will be able to change (permanently) to a state-funded school, subject again to prior approval (to cover highways, transport and noise impacts). Other buildings will be able to change to use as a state-funded school for a period of 1 academic year.

For home and business owners, the size threshold for extensions will be extended, for an initial 3 year period. This will be subject only to the residential neighbour consultation scheme that has made headlines recently.

More details to follow as necessary.