NBC News reports that as many as 19 people have suffered personal injuries in a crash involving a Megabus that was traveling from Chicago to Atlanta.

The accident occurred on I-65, near Edinburgh Indiana, the report states. Initial reports reveal that 19 people were injured when the bus collided with a semi-truck and two cars.

According to the report, the bus was travelling south bound near a construction zone when it rear-ended the 18-wheeler. The impact of the Chicago megabus crash pushed the semi into a 2003 Chevy SUV, which then struck a 1999 Nissan. Both drivers are from Indianapolis.

The front end of the Megabus and the back of the semi were both significantly damaged, and all of the vehicles involved had to be towed.

The full extent of the injuries is unknown.

Recently, the number of Megabus crashes has increased, with several serious accidents occurring within the last few years. While travelling by bus can be economical, it can also be hazardous.

Due to the sheer size of the vehicles, the buses can be hard to control. Drivers may face challenges trying to maneuver the buses to stay out of harm’s way. The buses are also top heavy, increasing the likelihood that they may tip over when an accident occurs.