The European Commission has launched an online survey to: (i) review actual experience of businesses and public purchasers with electronic public procurement ("e-procurement"); (ii) evaluate the use of e-procurement across the European Union; and (iii) guide future EU action in this field. The Commission will also be able to assess the achievements of the "Action Plan for the implementation of the legal framework for electronic public procurement" adopted by the Commission in December 2004. The objectives of the Action Plan were to help EU Member States remove obstacles to cross-border e-procurement and to further increase its efficiency while reducing the administrative burden. The Commission considers that opening up procurement markets across borders and expanding e-procurement is crucial to Europe's competitiveness and the creation of new opportunities for EU businesses. Public procurement is a key sector of the EU economy, accounting for about 16 per cent of GDP. Interested parties can participate in this survey until 18 December 2008.