Admittedly, it’s the National Border Patrol Council, but still. Breaking the nearly solid wall of support of organized labor for the two Democrat candidates for President, the National Border Patrol Council on March 30 issued a statement of support of the candidacy of Donald Trump for President. In campaign statements, Mr. Trump has indicated that he would base his immigration and border control policy largely on advice from the Border Patrol agents on the “front lines” of the immigration issue, instead of political appointees and government bureaucrats. 

The union said that it had never before endorsed a candidate in a Presidential primary but endorsed Mr. Trump because of his refreshing approach “that we have not seen before – and may never see again.” According to the union statement, it is the organization that “has served as the only advocacy and defense mechanism for the needs and interests of agents against overwhelming attacks from political groups and special interests opposing a secured border.” That is a strong statement of support for Mr. Trump that may remind some readers of a Pink Floyd song –“another brick in the wall.” Of course, Democrats and some Republicans are thinking that Mr. Trump’s immigration policies are “thick as brick.”