A Florida federal court has refused to certify a nationwide class in a case alleging that Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc. conceals the unsafe nature of its Redline® Xtreme energy drink. Mirabella v. Vital Pharm., Inc., No. 12-62086 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D. Fla., order entered February 27, 2015). Vital Pharmaceuticals argued that the class was unascertainable because it does not keep a master list of consumers, and customers rarely keep finished bottles that would help prove they belong in the class. The court agreed, finding that the energy drink “generally sold for less than $3.00” and customers were unlikely to retain receipts or other records of purchase; in addition, the company sells a variety of similarly branded products that may render consumers unable to determine whether they belong to the class because they might not remember which product they purchased. “Even Plaintiffs are unable to reliably recall or objectively prove how many bottles of the Product they consumed,” the court noted.