9.9 Million Consumers Effectuated Marketplace Coverage

CMS released new data indicating that approximately 9.9 million consumers have active enrollments (that is, they selected a plan and paid their premiums) through the Federally-facilitated and State-based Marketplaces as of June 30th, 2015. This is a slight reduction from the 10.2 million who had coverage as of March 2015, largely due to the 306,000 consumers whose coverage was terminated this quarter because of outstanding citizenship or immigration issues. Of the total effectuated enrollments, 7.2 million consumers receive coverage through the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces and 2.7 million through State-based Marketplaces. The data also indicate that 84% of consumers receive advanced premium tax credits, 56% of consumers receive cost sharing reductions, and 68% were enrolled in a Silver plan.

Washington: Marketplace Appoints Interim CFO

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange appointed Carole Holland as interim CFO, effective immediately. Holland replaces Robert Nakahara, who resigned as CFO last month. Previously, Holland held senior fiscal positions in State government and worked as a healthcare consultant.