The new government seems to be setting new IP policies. Apparently there is a plan to increase the size of IP industries in the Indonesian economy up from 2% to 6% of GDP. Consequently the head of the IP Office announced this week that they will introduce new IPR enforcement measures in 2015.  This will include increased efforts to combat IP violation as well as increased sentences, more arrests and sanctions against landlords allowing fakes to be sold on their properties. 

He referred in his announcement to copyright and a close reading of the comments suggests he is referring to the copyright law amendments passed under the last government. 

The key is not new laws however it is practical enforcement. Until the police conductraids  regularly without corruption, until the PPNS can build a bigger team that can conduct fast effective raids, until cases are passed to prosecutors for criminal prosecutions, then Indonesia will remain an enforcement laggard.

Some recent Police statistics show the conducted very few IP cases in recent years:

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There are specific numbers broken out for DVD work for the copyright industries. Much will be software.

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The IPO investigation team’s cases were as follows.

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Overall this shows a very low level of IP enforcement activity. By comparison in the Philippines and Thailand thousands of IP violation cases per year are brought. Indonesia’s cases are in the low few hundreds.