Two plaintiffs who alleged that Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc. conceals the unsafe nature of its Redline® Xtreme energy drink have settled with the company for the approximate purchase price of a single product plus interest. Mirabella v. Vital Pharm., Inc., No. 12-62086 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D. Fla., joint stipulation and notice of settlement filed March 16, 2015).

According to a notice filed with the court, the company has agreed to pay each plaintiff the cost of one drink—$2.50 to one, $2.99 to the other—along with accrued interest within 10 days of receiving general releases from the plaintiffs. A Florida federal court refused to certify the plaintiffs’ proposed class on February 27, 2015. Additional details about that decision appear in Issue 557 of this Update.