Replicating the European Central Bank's push towards detailed loan-level reporting for asset-backed securities (ABS) submitted as collateral to its repo facility, the Bank of England has now published the final set of detailed eligibility requirements for ABS backed by consumer loans, auto loans and leases submitted as collateral to its Discount Window Facility (DWF).  The Bank of England has already introduced detailed eligibility requirements and loan-level reporting templates for RMBS, CMBS, SME CLOs and ABCP submitted to the DWF.  RMBS and covered bonds submitted to the DWF have had to comply with the new reporting and transparency requirements since 1 December 2011, and CMBS, SME CLOs and ABCP must comply with the requirements from 1 January 2013 subject to a 12-month phase-in period.  These latest requirements for consumer loans, auto loans and leasing ABS complete the intended package of loan-level reporting requirements, and will be introduced from 1 January 2014 subject to a 12-month phase-in period such that final compliance is required for all such transactions from 1 January 2015.  Among the key reporting and transparency requirements are the submission of: anonymised loan-by-loan data for the underlying loans (to be provided in standardised templates that have been developed in conjunction with the ECB as part of its equivalent loan-level transparency project); transaction documentation including prospectus, sale documents, trust deed, security agreements and liquidity facilities; transaction overviews; monthly investor reports; and cash flow models.