A New Tenders Law (the new law) has recently been decreed in Qatar and is expected to be published shortly.  Following a recognised need for a set of uniform guidelines bringing more clarity to the public procurement process the new law has been a positive step forward.  It revamps and modernises the governmental contracting process in the State of Qatar.  

The new law applies to most governmental and quasi-governmental contracts of the State of Qatar. It can also apply to private entities in receipt of state funding. Government contracting in Qatar offers lucrative opportunities for local and international businesses that know how to take advantage of them. 

New governmental contracting methods

Together with the traditional methods of governmental contracting, the new law introduces competition as a method of procurement for technical works, including drawings and designs.  It also extends to two-stage tendering which can assist in defining the technical requirement and the scope of work.  At the same time it secures appointments on the basis of the right contractor, agreed costs and appropriate transfer of risk.

Conflicts of interest

To manage conflicts of interest the new law requires relevant government employees to declare any potential interest, whether directly or indirectly, in any governmental contract, which brings the law in line with international best practice.

Dispute resolution committee 

The new law introduces a dispute resolution committee which is headed by a senior judge and has jurisdiction to hear all pre-contract execution disputes. This allows for a specialised forum for disputes in relation to government contracts.