A new section of the Aviation Rules of Ukraine – “Rules for certification of subjects providing agency services for sales of air carriage” – was registered by Ukraine’s Justice Ministry in early April and will enter into force upon publication. The new rules (approved by Order No. 231 of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine on 15 March 2018) aim to simplify the certification procedures for agencies selling airline passenger tickets and aviation cargo capacity.

Some of the most burdensome certification requirements, such as preliminary financial audit and inspection of premises, have been lifted in favour of a simple bank guarantee. Agencies are no longer required to subscribe to at least two different global distribution systems (GDS) at each location and to hire licensed personnel to operate such systems. Only one GDS or automated booking system with a single licensed operator is required for an agency at each particular office. Additionally, at least one employee shall undertake an air services sales personnel training course as provided by the International Air Transport Association or by a state-certified authority. An agency may obtain an air services sales certificate for three types of services: a) passenger ticket sales; b) air cargo excluding dangerous goods; c) air cargo, including dangerous goods. In contrast to the current biannual certification requirements, all certificates issued under the new law will be valid for five years.

The new certification rules set out a transitional period for their implementation. It is expressly stated that all existing certificates for the sale of aviation services remain valid until they expire.