A segment aired on WKSU, Kent State University's public radio station, details FirstEnergy's attempt to receive a waiver of its in-state solar requirement for 2010 under Ohio's renewable portfolio standard. FirstEnergy claims that Ohio's solar market is too underdeveloped to produce the solar energy resources necessary to comply. As the segment notes,

[a]nother Ohio utility, American Electric Power, contracted its solar requirement from a developer who built Ohio’s largest solar array in Wyandot County. It’s also contracted with a Spanish company to build an even larger solar field over an abandoned strip mine in southern Ohio.

First Energy’s Ellen Raines says that’s fine for AEP, but First Energy is not getting into the solar energy business – “we really don’t have expertise as an operator of renewable resources." But, she says, they are willing to support the development of solar energy.

The full segment is available here.