Europe needs good news and the elimination of roaming surcharges for the downloading of data when outside the country of origin is good news. This is something that all citizens can appreciate as a direct benefit deriving directly from Membership of the European Union. This would not have happened without the Union even if it is logical for what is the difference between moving from Sicily to Lombardy and paying the same price and moving from Lombardy to the Cote d’Azur and paying a higher price. The next big challenge for the EU is agreement on eliminating geo-blocking. Geo- blocking is not allowing subscribers to a service in one EU Member State from access that service from another Member State. The issues to be addressed are more complex than eliminating roaming surcharges as service providers are sometime not in a position to provide the same service in different countries but the goal is the same. Allow EU citizens to benefit in a tangible way from the EU project.