On 1 October 2012 Edict of the President No. 332 On Certain Measures Aimed at Improvement of Control (Supervision) Activity in the Republic of Belarus came into force. The Edict is aimed at optimising control and supervision activity, as well as at reducing the number of inspections.

The Edict introduces a new form of control - monitoring - which is defined as surveillance and assessment of conditions of business activity in order to identify and prevent violations. Monitoring is done without on-site inspections or removal of documents. If violations are detected during monitoring, the company should be given recommendations for eliminating them. If the violations are eliminated by the company itself, then unscheduled inspection is not carried out and no sanctions on the company or its management follow.

The Edict also changes the frequency of scheduled inspections of businesses. Scheduled inspections can be conducted not more frequently than once in five calendar years if the entity complies with the following requirements:

  • permanent and correct payment of taxes and other fees to the budget; and
  • absence of violations.

Under the Edict, state control and supervision authorities may demand suspension or prohibition of business activity only if they detect violations that threaten national security, or that could harm people’s life and health or the environment.

The new procedure in the area of state control and supervision of business is expected to reduce the number of inspections and ease the administrative burden on business.