The latest statistics on insolvency appointments and companies entering external administration have been released by ASIC.

The number of appointments nationally in September 2014 was 1181, slightly down from July 2014 which we reported on last month. Of those 1181 appointments, approximately 30 per cent were in respect of New South Wales businesses, followed by Victoria with approximately 23 per cent and Queensland with 20 per cent. This number is also down from September 2013, which saw 1425 appointments nationally.

Of the 9822 companies that have entered external administration since September 2013, the majority are entities that ASIC categorises as 'Other businesses – personal services' (3123), closely followed by 'Construction' (1801) and 'Accommodation and food services' (819). These industries accounted for more than 58 per cent of the total external administrations across ASIC's 25 industry classifications.