The owners of Cavanna Construction, Vincent and Enrica Cavanna were charged with theft by Berks County, Pennsylvania. The Cavannas are accused of taking approximately $100,000 from six homeowners with whom they had contracted to perform work for. This work was contracted to occur between June 2006 and November 2007.  Berks County detectives began their investigation in December 2009.

Berks County detectives allege that the Cavannas were paid in advance and did not complete the work they were paid for. In addition, the Cavannas are accused of substituting cheaper quality materials that were not listed in the contracts. 

The Cavannas are charged with theft by deception, theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received, deceptive or fraudulent business practices, receiving stolen property, and criminal conspiracy.

The six homeowners that prompted the charges being brought against the Cavannas had varying degrees of losses, involved incomplete work and the substitution of cheaper quality materials that was not listed in the contract, such as:

  • $14,000 for bathroom and kitchen remodel
  • $20,760 for kitchen remodel
  • $8,225 for basement remodel
  • $5,000 for patio and roof
  • $36,365 for addition
  • $12,120 for bathroom remodel

I was surprised to see Berks County getting involved with bringing theft charges against contractors that failed to complete the work. What do you think is the line that contractors have to cross before the police get involved?