Standard for Transboundary Movement of EEE Open for Public Comment

Chile's National Institute of Standardization ("INN") has published a draft technical standard (prNCh3383), which establishes provisions for the transboundary movement of used electrical and electronic equipment ("EEE") and creates EEE classification categories, according to size and use. The Draft Standard is open for public comment until February 15, 2016.

Chamber of Deputies Approves Climate Change Resolution

The Chamber of Deputies has approved Resolution 512, calling for the President to adopt legally binding climate change legislation and public policies that: (1) strengthen the national institutional framework for formulation, implementation, and monitoring of climate change instruments; and (2) create a fund in 2017 to support climate change initiatives.

Sanctions for Transporting Waste to Illegal Dumping Sites Enter into Force

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications has adopted sanctions for the transport of waste to illegal dumping sites (Law No. 20.879). With the Law's entry into force, any person caught transporting, disposing, or ordering the transport or disposal of waste on streets, vacant lots, or unregulated landfills by means of a motorized or non-motorized vehicle would be subject to new penalties. 

Microwave Oven Energy Efficiency Testing and Certification Protocol Goes Into Effect

Chile's electricity regulatory agency, the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels ("SEC"), has published Resolution No. 10.753, approving Protocol PE No. 1/18/2-1, which establishes new requirements for energy efficiency testing and certification of microwave ovens in both active and standby mode. PE No. 1/18/2-1 becomes mandatory for all sales of covered products by manufacturers, importers, and retailers as of October 30, 2016.