The Maryland General Assembly has passed a bill (H.B. 99) that would prohibit the import or sale of any child-care product with more than one-tenth of 1 percent by mass of certain flame-retardant chemicals, identified as TCEP (tris (2-chloroethyl phosphate)). The state House passed the bill in February 2013 by a 135-0 vote, and the Senate unanimously approved the measure on March 28. “Child care product” is defined as a consumer product intended for use by a child younger than 3 and includes “a baby product, toy, car seat, nursing pillow, crib mattress, and stroller. First violations would be punishable by a $1,000 civil penalty; subsequent violations would be sanctioned with no more than a $2,500 fine. The secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene would be given until January 1, 2014, to adopt implementing regulations. The governor has until May 28 to sign or veto the proposal.