On 29 November 2012, the Independent Chief Inspector published an inspection report on Tier 4 of the UKBA’s points based system. The Chief Inspector recommended that the UKBA:

  1. Introduces and publishes a service standard for making decisions on sponsorship applications;
  2. Urgently addresses the volume of ‘incorrect or fatally flawed’ in-country decisions and ensures that quality control processes are formalised across all locations;
  3. Takes all necessary steps to ensure that resources are effectively allocated to deliver its obligations in respect of:
  • sponsorship decision-making and notifications on the Sponsor Management System;
  • the identification of students who have failed to comply with the obligations of their leave and whose leave should be curtailed; and
  • locating and removing students whose leave has been curtailed.
  1. Protects children and vulnerable people by ensuring that all commercial partners who interact with these people:
  • are trained to the same standard as UKBA staff in the relevant safeguarding functions; and
  • have robust mechanisms in place to report any concerns about individuals to the UKBA.
  1. Monitors the impact of tighter rules on the Tier 4 route and any impacts on other entry routes, to mitigate against attempted abuse by those who are not genuine students; and
  2. Ensures that all complaints, including those relating to sponsorship and the UKBA’s commercial partners, are recorded, monitored and analysed consistently to achieve performance improvement.

For full details of the Chief Inspector’s report, please click here.