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Applying for a patent

What are the criteria for patentability in your jurisdiction?

To be patentable, an invention must be industrially applicable, new and involve an inventive step. Additionally, it should not be excluded from protected subject matter.

What are the limits on patentability?

The following inventions cannot be patented:

  • methods for human cloning and human clones;
  • methods for modifying the genetic integrity of cells of a human embryo line;
  • use of human embryos in manufacturing and for commercial purposes;
  • solutions that are contrary to public interest, humanity and morals;
  • discoveries;
  • scientific theories and mathematical methods;
  • solutions relating to the external appearance of a product and directed towards the satisfaction of aesthetic requirements;
  • rules and methods for games and intellectual or economic activity;
  • computer programs; and
  • presentation of information.

Are there restrictions on any other kinds of invention?

Animal and plant varieties, as well as biological methods for producing them, are not patentable.

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