At the request of the five pre-qualified consortiums, ONEE has announced that the deadline for submitting technical and financial proposals in relation to the proposed development of 850 MW of wind farms in Morocco will be pushed back from the 18 September to the 30 October 2015.

The current tender (which was due to be closed on the 18 September) relates to the proposed construction of wind farms ranging between 100 MW to 300 MW at sites located in Tanger, Tiskrad, Jbel Lhadid, Essaouria and Midelt.

Following the award of the tender, successful developers will be invited to develop, construct and operate the various projects with an projected operational commencement dates between 2017 and 2020.

The current tender is part of the Moroccan Goverment’s wider efforts to meet its growing energy demands (currently increasing at a rate between 4% to 6% per year) and, by 2020, achieve an energy mix that will see 42% of its electricity need serviced by renewable energy sources.