The Register of Copyrights of the U.S. Copyright Office has issued a list of priorities for the next two years regarding copyright policy and administrative practice.  The paper, Priorities and Special Projects of the United States Copyright Office is here.

These include:

  1. Electronic Registration
  2. In the area of policy:
  • Small Claims Solutions for Copyright Owners.  The Copyright Office anticipates publishing a study in October 2013 on this topic, with public comments due on January 16, 2012
  • Legal Treatment of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings
  • Mass Book Digitization.  The Office is analyzing the issues relating to the Google Book Search litigation and plans to publish its findings later this month.
  1. On the legislative front:
  • Rogue Websites
  • Illegal Streaming
  • Public Performance in Sound Recordings
  • Orphan Works
  • Copyright Exceptions for Libraries
  • Market Based Licensing for Cable and Satellite Retransmission
  1. Trade and Foreign Relations:
  • WIPO
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership and other Trade Priorities

There is also a section addressing the Administrative Law Practice and Special Projects.

In Special Projects, the Register indicated that the Office is now working on a long-overdue revision to the Compendium of Copyright Office Practices, last updated in 1998. The Office anticipates issuing the revised Compendium in October 2013.