Law no. 132/2015, of 4 September

Amends the Financial Regime of Local Authorities (Law no. 73/2013, of 3 September), establishing that the rates of the Property Transfer Tax (“IMT”) shall be progressively reduced – reduction of one third in 2017 and of two thirds in 2018, and abolished in 2019 – and also that the proceeds resulting from the collection of such tax will remain as municipal revenue until 2018.

Ministry of the Environment, Territorial Planning and Energy

Ordinance no. 278/2015, of 11 September

Regulates the amount of the waste management fee (“TGR”) – created by Decree-Law no. 178/2006, of 5 September, which approved the General Regime for Waste Management – to be allocated to municipalities and establishes the rules for its assessment, payment and repercussion.

Ministries of Finance and Economy

Ordinance no. 297/2015, of 21 September

Regulates the Tax Regime Supporting Investment (“RFAI”) and the Deduction Regime for Retained and Reinvested Profits (“DLRR”) set out in the Investment Tax Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 162/2014, of 31 October, in order to ensure, in particular, the full application of the rules arising from the European legislation on State Aid.