Commission sets out telecoms regulation priorities for 2011

The Commission has set out the EU’s priorities for 2011 in the telecoms regulation sector at the European Competitive Telecommunications Association, with the transposition of new telecoms rules, next-generation broadband guidance and wireless spectrum receiving particular focus.

The Commission indicated that it intends to provide additional assistance to Member States implementing a new provision in the universal service rules, which allows Member States to include broadband in their obligations on basic communication services.

On wireless spectrum, the Commission emphasised the need for successful implementation of the 'digital dividend' - broadcasting frequencies freed up by the switchover from analogue to digital television - for mobile-broadband technologies.

Other areas in the telecoms sector that the Commission indicated it will publish guidance on "as soon as possible in 2011," include; how national authorities can ensure non-discrimination, both in terms of pricing and other forms of discrimination such as fault-repair times; and how long and under what conditions competitors can utilise lines that are owned by a former telecoms monopolist.

During 2011, the Commission will also focus on sub-national market definitions and joint investments in nextgeneration broadband.

30 November 2010