On November 5, 2015, the text of the groundbreaking TPP Agreement was released. This historic trade agreement, which we analyzed in this client alert, was reached last month between 12 Pacific Rim countries. The full negotiating text is available on the USTR’s web site. (New Zealand is the official depository for the agreement and the text can also be found here).

In the coming days, we will be looking at what this means for clients across all industries and geographies and publishing a more detailed analysis of the key chapters of the TPP Agreement. We hope you will benefit from these insights, prepared by our global team of lawyers from Dentons offices across several of the TPP countries. We also look forward to advising clients about the challenges and opportunities the TPP Agreement presents. The next few months will provide businesses and other private-sector stakeholders numerous opportunities to advance and protect their interests and also to identify opportunities to maximize the benefits available under this 21st century trade agreement.