As a result of a joint investigation with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, OFAC has blocked the assets of four members of an alleged synthetic drug trafficking organization based in China and a related Chinese company pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (the “Kingpin Act”). OFAC asserts that Zhang Lei, a Chinese national, led the organization and through CEC Limited, a company owned by Mr. Lei and others, manufactured and sold substances over the internet to customers around the globe, including bath salts, synthetic psychoactive substances and chemicals that can be used to create synthetic psychoactive substances.  Also designated were Mr. Lei’s mother, a part-owner of CEC Limited, and two of Mr. Lei’s associates, Zhang Jicheng and Hu Yongan.

On 23 July, OFAC blocked the assets of 17 members of the Colombian drug trafficking organization Los Urabenos and six companies associated with these individuals pursuant to the Kingpin Act.  The leader of Los Urabenos was designated on 31 May 2013. In announcing the designations, OFAC stated that the group engages in activities ranging from money laundering to drug and weapons trafficking and has expanded its operations not only in the Americas but also into Spain.

US Treasury Department Press Release – Chinese Drug Traffickers

US Treasury Department Press Release – Los Urabenos