In the 1st half of 2014, China received 11,243 PCT international patent applications, up 20.5% year on year, about 91.5% of which came from domestic companies and individuals with 10,283 filings, up 23.0% year on year.

The top five provinces and municipalities in terms of quantity of PCT filings are: Guangdong (5,937), Beijing (1,341), Jiangsu (599), Shanghai (460), and Zhejiang (402). More than 80% of the domestic PCT applications are from these five provinces and municipalities.

As to the top applicants, Huawei (1,961), ZTE Corp. (1,323) and BOE Technology Group (395) are top 1 to 3. Besides the traditional giant filers from telecommunications and electronic manufacturing fields, several enterprises with internet background came to top 10, such as Tencent Technologies (Shenzhen) took the fifth place with 310 filings, and Xiaomi Technology took the ninth place with 75 filings.

In addition, in the 1st half of 2014, SIPO receives PCT applications from 20 countries. United States of America took the first place with 482 filings and Japan took the second place with 94 filings. The filings of these two countries account for 60% of all foreign applications. Finland (67), Sweden (65) and Singapore (56) took the third to fifth places in the list.