The Commission has published a speech by Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, on the development of the EU e-communications market.  

Vice President Kroes highlighted the Commission’s proposals to invest almost € 9.2 billion to meet the targets for pan-European projects, fast and ultra-fast broadband and interoperability and noted the funding is part of the Connecting Europe Facility which aims to also generate money from other private and public sources and to attract capital market financing from investors. Vice President Kroes also outlined that the proposed RSPP for wireless infrastructure is at an advanced stage of negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Council, with an agreement in principle on topics including establishing an inventory and review of spectrum use.  

Vice President Kroes stated that the Commission is open to examining other technical solutions for roaming, in order to implement the proposed structural measures and noted that there are concerns that prices are not moving from the regulated price caps.  

Vice President Kroes closed her speech with reference to the revised EU electronic communications regulatory framework, confirming that the legislation must be implemented by all Member States and that the Commission will take action against those that do not do so correctly.