China has become the largest graphene patent filer in the world surpassing 50,000 patent applications worldwide by September 2016, and this trend keeps growing. The graphene material has excellent electrical, thermal, optical and mechanical properties, new energy, aerospace and other fields, nevertheless Chinese filers still need to improve the quality of their patents.

In recent years, national policies have vigorously support this ambitious goal, becoming the focus on the development of new materials in “10 year plan”. China has made it clear that they need to accelerate the development of new materials, graphene, and bio based materials. Graphene appears as crown material to accelerate direction of China’s scientific and technological innovation in the twenty-first Century becoming the most powerful focus of China’s manufacturing.

China’s display of innovation in graphene industry technology has been shown in international conferences in recent years, witnessing the development level of China graphene industry achievements to the world, the improvements in filing patents and the recent developments in Chinese intellectual property laws to protect those new creations.

Chinese graphene industry technology with support of many partners are actively planning and organizing the “2017” (fourth) China international graphite graphene innovation conference, which will be held from September 24, 2017 to 26 in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, Nanjing.