The Cooperation Agreement entered in 2003 between SIPO and Macau Economic Services Bureau (IPO) was extended for another five years.

Besides the usual cooperation for the protection of IP, this is the main agreement that enables the extension of invention patents applied or granted in Mainland China and, most notably, determines SIPO as the examing authority to support Macau’s IPO in the preparation of the examination report of invention and utility patents applied for in Macau.

Macau had, in 2017, 68 invention patents and 18 utility patents filed directly. Invention Patents relay more to Gaming area as they cannot be registered in Mainland China and the extended to Macau. The examination should be made as per the applicable rules in Macau.

The bulk of patent protection applications in the patent field relays to extensions of patents granted or applied for in Mainland China. Overall, in 2017 Macau had 441 extension requests.

The reason for this high number lies on the fact that, in Macau, one can request the extension after the grant (and not with the application) and obtain protection by merely submitting a form, a power of attorney and the Certificate issued by SIPO.

The extension will be granted in approximately three to four months, provided that there are no deficiencies in the application and no objections are raised by the Economic Services or any third party.