On September 30th, the SEC granted immediate effectiveness to the New York Stock Exchange's proposed amendment of NYSE Rule 103B (Security Allocation and Reallocation) to (i) codify the Exchange's existing practice that renders Designated Market Marker units ineligible to interview for securities that are directly related to the performance or credit of any of the DMM's affiliated entities; (ii) define "related security" for purposes of NYSE Rule 103B; (iii) provide that all Related Securities listed under Section 703.19 of the Exchange's Listed Company Manual will be automatically assigned to the Designated Market Maker unit that is assigned the related equity security unless the issuer affirmatively requests the Related Security be allocated pursuant to NYSE Rule 103B, Section III;(iv) define "repackaged security" for purposes of NYSE Rule 103B, and provide that Repackaged Securities are allocated through the allocation process pursuant to NYSE Rule 103B, Section III; and (v) include inadvertently omitted rule text and make conforming changes to the rule text. Comments should be submitted on or before October 28, 2009. SEC Release No. 34-60755.