The Brazilian Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ) issued on 04/04/2013 a public call for applications of authorization for the construction and exploration of 50 port undertakings in several parts of the country, among them private use terminals (TUPs), cargo transshipment stations (ETCs), tourism port facilities (IPT) and small public port facilities (IP4). The applications must be received by ANTAQ no later than August 8, 2013.

The public call complies with Law No. 12.815, of June 5, 2013, and with the policies and guidelines for the development of the Brazilian port segment.

The process of authorization for construction of the terminals should take 120 days. The companies authorized will have 3 years to put the terminals into operation. It is important to mention that the terminals listed under the last public call already have all the required documentation to start construction, however, other companies interested in participating in the process may do so by following the legal formalities within the proper period.