In an appellate decision, Ref. No. 10306106450, MOEA ruled that even though the trademark owner only submitted evidence of use for part of the designated goods or services rather than evidence of use for each and every designated goods or services with the same nature, the owner's submission is deemed sufficient to comply with the use requirement.  The so-called "with the same nature" for this purpose shall mean those goods or services categorized in the same sub-group of the Class under the same six-digit code as set forth in the IPO's Reference Book for Classification of Goods and Services.  Accordingly, the evidence of use submitted by the appellant (i.e. the trademark owner) showing its use of the contested trademark "淇淇 gi gi" Reg. No. 1046207 on the designated "cosmetic lotion, facial cream" in the sub-group of 030101 could cover the other designated goods in the same sub-subgroup of 030101, including "skin milk, perfume, lip sticks, nail varnish, pressed face powder, facial beauty masks, eau de cologne, eye shadow, stick foundation, lip oil, hair lotions, hair oil, hair wax, hair styling gel" even though no evidence was submitted for these goods.  However, the submitted evidence is insufficient to prove the use and cannot sustain the registration of the designated goods "shampoo, bath cream, facial cleanser, perfumed soap" which fall in the different sub-group of 030104.  According to the Trademark Act, IPO shall, ex officio or upon request, cancel the registration of a trademark if the trademark has not been put into use or has been suspended from use for over three years after registration without excusable reasons for the non-use.