The American Civil Liberties Union has requested information from the Michigan State Police over its use of “data extraction devices,” reports CNet. It was alleged that the Michigan State Police are using these devices on motorists the Police pull over. “Data extraction devices” can download text messages, photos, videos, and even GPS data from many brands of cell phones.

The Michigan State Police responded to this request by stating that it is not using these devices during routine traffic stops but only use the devices when it has obtained a search warrant or had the consent of the cell phone owner, CNet reports. CNet further reports that the State Police further stated that, "the MSP does not possess DEDs that can extract data without the officer actually possessing the owner's mobile device. The DEDs utilized by the MSP cannot obtain information from mobile devices without the mobile-device owner knowing."

The ACLU later stated that it was not accusing the Michigan State Police of wrongdoing but was still seeking further information on the Police’s use of these devices.