Buildings completed before 31 March 2001 without the necessary permits may now be legitimised by a Certificate of Tolerable Construction.

The certificate will be granted to all successful applicants submitted by 25 November 2013 under a new procedure introduced by amendment to the Spatial Development Act.

Buildings will only qualify for a certificate if they comply with the construction parameters imposed by law and with the zoning plans in force either when they were built or when the application for legitimisation is submitted.

Applications must be submitted by the person holding title or right to build on the land where the illegal construction is located.

Once a building receives a certificate, it will no longer be subject to demolition and may be subject to a property transfer.

Law: Bulgarian Spatial Development Act (Promulgated, State Gazette No. 1/2.01.2001, effective 31.03.2001, as amended in State Gazette No. 82/27 Nov 2012)