National Grid have published a call for evidence to support the development of strike prices under the proposed Feed-in Tariff Contract for Difference (CfD) for renewable technologies which will be introduced as a result of the EMR. The call for evidence seeks evidence in the following areas:

  • To review technology cost and deployment potential assumptions and ensure that the most up to date data for the projects commissioning towards the end of the Renewables Obligation (due to close to new projects on 1st April 2017) and beyond are taken into account, and
  • To understand the differences in investment decisions under the Renewables Obligation and CfD, and how choices will be made between the two mechanisms

The call for evidence can be found by clicking here and will close on 3 December 2012.

We would urge those interested stakeholders to respond to this call for evidence to ensure that the concerns in the renewable industry are shared with National Grid over the sensitivities that must be taken into account when setting the strike price.