A nurse was found guilty of professional misconduct and the Tribunal discharged interim non publication orders (of the name and other details of the nurse and his wife) that had been in place. The High Court noted that to succeed in his appeal against the decision to discharge the non publication orders, the nurse had to show that the Tribunal had wrongly exercised its discretion and that the Court "may not substitute its own discretion for that of the Tribunal”. The Court found that the nurse had not demonstrated any error in the Tribunal's decision which would justify interfering with the exercise of discretion and dismissed the appeal. In relation to a submission about the weight which the Tribunal could give to the fact that there may be biased reporting of the proceedings, the Court noted that "the responsibility for ensuring that the reporting of judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings is fair, accurate and balanced must rest with the media, not with the Courts or Tribunal". Gwynn v Professional Conduct Committee (HC Wellington CIV-2011-485-1464, 26 October 2011, MacKenzie J).