This was the final stage of the long-running saga in which opposition-leaning broadcaster Klubradio and Hungary’s media authority have disputed the outcome of a frequency bid. In September 2012 the Court of Appeal annulled the decree of the authority, which declared the station’s bid for the Budapest 95.3 MHz frequency invalid on formal grounds. The court said that as the authority had previously ruled the bid’s content to be valid, it could not at a later stage to a contrary decision, citing formal grounds (which is serious breach of the rules of procedure). The ruling therefore cannot be appealed. The media authority invited bids for the 95.3 MHz frequency in July 2011. The winner of the frequency, in December 2011, was Autoradio. Klubradio appealed, and the court found in a final ruling in March this year that the media authority had wrongly awarded the frequency to Autoradio since its bid failed to meet the formal requirements. Following the court decision, the media authority declared all 11 bids submitted for the frequency were invalid, for failing to meet the formal requirements of the tender process. Klubradio insisted it had met all former requirements and appealed the authority’s decision. The court’s ruling was made in connection with Klubradio’s appeal.

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