Queensland has extended a series of transitional arrangements for its mirror WHS Regulation by 12 months and two Model Codes of Practice have taken effect.

Extension of transitional arrangements 

The Queensland Parliament has passed the Work Health and Safety and Another Regulation Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2013 (QLD) (Amendment Regulations) to extend until 1 January 2015 a number of transitional arrangements that were scheduled to expire at the end of 2013 (Extension).

The purpose of the Extension is to provide more time for employers to comply with the requirements.  The Extension applies to WHS Regulations relating to aspects of asbestos work, high-risk work, high-risk licensing, plant and structures and audiometric testing.

Additionally, the Amendment Regulations:

  • clarify that control measures for preventing falls must be in place for heights of three metres or more during housing construction work, and heights of two metres or more for other construction sectors;
  • repeal provisions relating to excavation work and spray painting that were carried over from Queensland's old Workplace Health and Safety Regulation, allowing the model Codes of Practice, Excavation Work and Spray Painting and Powder Coating, to take effect on 1 December 2013; and
  • gives permanent effect to class exemptions granted to certified bridge and gantry crane operators, and intermediate boiler operators.

The Amendment Regulations also made a series of technical amendments such as

  • allowing a worker who is certified but not yet licensed to carry out high-risk work to perform such work for up to 60 days after being certified;
  • allowing a person to operate plant without a high-risk-work licence in order to load or unload it from a vehicle; and
  • removing the requirement to register the design of prefabricated formwork.

New model Codes of Practice

The following model Codes of Practice have taken effect in the last three months:

  • Abrasive Blasting Code of Practice 2013;
  • Demolition Work Code of Practice 2013;
  • Excavation Work Code of Practice 2013;
  • Managing Risks of Plant in the Workplace Code of Practice 2013;
  • Safe Design of Structures Code of Practice 2013;
  • Spray Painting and Powder Coating Code of Practice 2013; and
  • Welding Processes Code of Practice 2013.

A link to the model Codes of Practice can be found here.