The Department of Labor recently announced that the roll-out of its proposed amendments to the white collar exemption regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (which were previously scheduled for a November release) have been pushed back to sometime in 2015.  Various reports have targeted a release date between February and May.   

From comments by the Secretary of Labor earlier this year, these amendments are expected to significantly restrict the scope of the white collar exemptions with the goal of making more employees eligible for overtime.  It’s likely that DOL will seek to achieve this goal through a combination of a higher minimum salary (currently $23,660 per year) along with stricter job duty requirements. 

While these changes may be significant, they are not imminent.  The proposed amendments will be open for a period of public comment that is at least 30 days, and usually from 90 to 120 days.  After that period is closed, DOL will digest the comments and determine if any of the amended regulations should be revised before they are published for final implementation.  It’s unlikely that any of the proposed changes will be in place before the end of 2015 at the earliest.