On May 24, 2017, the the Italian Regulatory Authority of Communications (AGCOM) published the second edition of the Journalism Observatory. The analysis carried out by the Authority was focused inter alia on the phenomenon of vexatious litigations against journalists, progressively worsened over the last decade, especially in local areas and in Southern Italy. According to the Agcom, the abuse of the procedural instrument, used for the purpose of intimidation against journalists, leads to a serious shrinkage of freedom of expression, already undermined by widespread forms of insecurity and from the low income conditions. In addition, the Authority underlined the importance of the introduction of the legislative reform measures advocated by journalists’ associations – such as the abolition of imprisonment in cases of defamation, the proportionality of any financial penalty imposed in line with the journalist's economic situation, as well as the opportunity for the journalist to get a compensation following the ascertaining of the vexatious litigations – which are part of the wider debate aimed at introducing reforms to ensure the free exercise of journalism without external influences, a prelude for free, complete and genuine information available to community .