Annual Report Must be Submitted to Irish Revenue Electronically for Tax Year 2014 Onward

Companies are required to submit an annual report (Form RSS1) to the Irish Revenue in relation to certain types of equity awards granted to employees in Ireland.

Generally, reporting is required for those awards where the employer does not need to withhold taxes.  Both the grant of, and the taxable event related to, such awards must be reported (e.g., grant and exercise of options). 

The Bottom Line

For the tax year 2014 (and future tax years), the report must be submitted electronically.  

Please click here for an electronic version of Form RSS1 and instructions for completing and filing the electronic form.

The link also includes instructions for a company to register with the Irish Revenue so the electronic form can be uploaded to the Revenue On-Line Service (ROS).

The due date remains March 31st of the year following the year in which any reportable event takes place.