Competition on online platforms has been a focus of interest for a number of competition authorities in Europe over the past years. In April 2018 the Hungarian NCA closed with commitments a case concerning NetPincér, the operator of the largest Hungarian online food delivery platform.

For offering food delivery services on their websites, NetPincér required restaurants to offer their services under the same conditions on the NetPincér-operated website as via their own distribution channels (websites, orders by phone, leaflets etc.). The agreements were silent on the matter of prices offered to the operators of other online platforms, but the investigation of the Hungarian NCA found that the clause restricted price competition on the market and amounts to a potential restriction of competition by effect.

In order to address the competition concerns, NetPincér offered certain commitments, which narrowed the scope of the restrictions and allowed the restaurants to offer more advantageous prices for orders placed on their own or third-party online platforms or offline, e.g. by phone. The Hungarian NCA accepted the commitments without finding that an infringement occurred.