On 15 October 2014, the PRA updated its website to provide information regarding how Solvency II will impact groups. The PRA emphasises that groups should not assume that the scope of group supervision to which they are currently subject to will remain the same under Solvency II. The webpage also looks at the impact that Solvency II will have on (re)insurers based outside the EEA which are part of EEA-regulated groups. This includes an update on equivalence assessments carried out by EIOPA in 2011 on the equivalence of the regimes in Japan, Bermuda and Switzerland. The PRA notes that EEA supervisors may, following implementation of Solvency II, carry out their own equivalence assessment where (a) the positon regarding a particular jurisdiction's regime has not already been determined by the European Commission or (b) the jurisdiction concerned has not been captured by the transitional equivalence regime under Solvency II. The PRA states that it is considering its next steps in regard to third-country equivalence with a view to providing further details before the end of the year.