The Irish Property Registration Authority has issued publicly notified users of an increase in registration fees required in relation to registered land dealings and in relation to the Land Direct online service, to become effective from 1 December 2012.

Some of the more signifi cant increases are:

  • Generally, fees for registrations and services which previously cost €25 and €85 will increase to €40 and €130 respectively;
  • The value bands have changed for the cost of registering a Deed of Transfer and can now cost up to €800 (€625 previously);
  • First Registration will now cost €500 (as opposed to €85)! Unless you use the First Registration under the Solicitor’s Certificate procedure in Form 3 which will cost €130. This is a huge difference as the majority of first registration applications in our experience are not proceeding by way of the latter;
  • Registering a charge - increase in the cost from €125 to €175;
  • If a dealing is abandoned, refused or withdrawn this will cost a maximum of €50 or such lesser amount as was submitted on registration. (This is a new charge as previously charges were refunded when a dealing was abandoned, refused or withdrawn); and
  • Land Direct: it seems a search on the Names Index and obtaining a copy Folio will both increase from €2.50 to €5.

A link to the full new fees order is: http:// Customers/Fees/Summary_of_Land_ Registry_Fees_Order_2012.html