A young girl has died following allegations that she was given the wrong medication at Basildon Hospital.

The 10 year old girl was believed to have been given incorrect/out of date medication and she was transferred to St Mary’s Hospital in London where she sadly died.

The Care Quality Commission “CQC” is now investigating the standard of paediatric services as the hospital after it was revealed that a second child at the Hospital had also become seriously unwell after being given out to date medication. The CQC has told the hospital to improve its paediatric services or risk being closed down.

These allegations are shocking in light of a review by the CQC at the Hospital 4 months earlier where it seems that the Hospital was warned to ensure that it’s out of date medication should be discarded.

The CQC also found that children were waiting unacceptable lengths of time to be seem by a doctor. Children who should have been seen within 15 minutes were left waiting for up to an hour. This follows the death of an infant at the Hospital’s A&E department who was not assessed within the 15 minute target time.

It is not yet clear whether an inquest will take place into the death of the ten year old, but this story has highlighted how the simplest of errors in hospitals, whilst easily avoidable, can lead to tragic consequences for patients and their families.

Pannone have represented many patients and their families in the past in respect of medical negligence claims. In the past we have dealt with cases in which patients have been administered the wrong medication, sometimes with devastating results, and our investigations have shown how easily such errors can be avoided. We have discussed in previous blogs how medication errors are ‘never events’ that the NHS views as unacceptable but Basildon’s apparent failure to apply previous CQC warnings across the breadth of its services to ensure that every department is safely administering medication to its patients is very troubling.