John Kasich is a former nine-term congressman from Central Ohio. Most recently, he has been a commentator on major news networks and has hosted his own nationally syndicated show. He is also an author and self-described “business leader.”

Mr. Kasich’s website makes no mention of advanced or renewable energy, in particular. He does, however, emphasize job growth and a reduction in business regulation. Specifically, he proposes streamlining and increasing the effectiveness of job training programs while making them more accessible to business.

Perhaps the centerpiece of Mr. Kasich’s job growth plan is the elimination of the Ohio Department of Development, replacing it with a private sector, statewide economic development corporation. This corporation would be led by a board of private sector CEOs and staffed by non-government employees. The current Ohio Department of Development distributes and administers practically all of Ohio’s advanced energy grants and loans, including Ohio’s Advanced Energy Fund. It is unclear if Mr. Kasich’s proposed economic development corporation would similarly administer such funds.