ESMA has published its final report and RTS on access to data and aggregation and comparison of data across trade repositories (TRs) under EMIR. Following consultation on a set of proposed standards (see FReD 23 December 2015), ESMA is making the following amendments to its RTS:

  • standardised output format of the TR data, based on international ISO standards, allowing comparison and aggregation across TRs;
  • minimum types of queries that need to be available for the authorities;
  • standardised and secure data exchange, based on international ISO standards, between TRs and authorities;
  • standardised frequencies for the provision of direct and immediate access to TR data; and
  • use of secure machine-to-machine connection and of data encryption protocols.

These RTS are set to be implemented at the same time as amended reporting rules, which are also under the Commission’s scrutiny. (Source: ESMA reports on EMIR data access standards)