Unbelievable, is all I can manage to say!

I have written long and hard about the EEOC’s penchant for hunting, stalking and pouncing on easy prey – healthcare or medical service companies which allegedly violate the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

Companies or individuals in the “helping” or “caring” professions are especially easy pickins’ (or “low hanging fruit”) for the EEOC, which can accuse them of disability discrimination – and hypocrisy.

This new settlement seems to be the apotheosis of this – an Arizona disability support services company has to pay $100,000 to settle an ADA suit in which the EEOC alleged that it “had a practice of firing employees with disabilities who needed extended leave or reassignment rather than providing them with reasonable accommodations as required under federal law.”

A disability support services company that had a policy of firing disabled employees – hard to believe.

What were they thinking?