The OIG has issued a report entitled “Medicare Part D Payments for Beneficiaries in Part A Skilled Nursing Facility Stays in 2006.” The OIG concluded that the majority of the $75 million in Medicare Part D payments on behalf of beneficiaries in Part A SNF stays in 2006 “were most likely inappropriate,” since they may have been used in the facility or to facilitate the beneficiaries’ discharge, in which case they should have been excluded from Part D (with certain exceptions). The OIG recommends that CMS: provide additional guidance about when Parts A and D can pay for drugs for beneficiaries preparing for discharge; educate SNFs, pharmacies, and Part D sponsors that drugs covered under Parts A or B for beneficiaries in SNF stays are not eligible for Part D coverage; implement retrospective reviews; and follow up with the SNFs and pharmacies responsible for a large percentage of Part D payments for beneficiaries in Part A SNF stays.